Who is eligible for membership?
Employees, physicians, residents and multi-site workers with duties at St. Clare’s are eligible for membership.

Who do I contact?
Diane Cumby – Administrator
Email: edianecumby@hotmail.com or
Telephone: 777-5607

What is the cost?
Cost is $5.00 bi-weekly through payroll deduction or paid in advance ($130.00/yr). An access card costs $5.00 ($10.00 with a lanyard and pouch). A $5.00 replacement cost will be required for lost, stolen or damaged cards.

How do I acces the fitness room?
Access to the fitness room is restricted to MEMBERS ONLY and requires an access control card (as mentioned above). Giving or lending your access card to a non-member or allowing a non-member access may result in the cancellation of your membership.

Am I covered by Worker’s Compensation while using the fitness room?

How do I cancel my membership?
Notification must be submitted in writing (email) to the Administrator.

Under what circumstances do I need to notify the Administrator regarding my membership status?
Cancellation of membership, termination of employment, LOA (ie maternity, education, etc.) and extended sick leave (paid or unpaid).

Upon cancellation of my membership, what do I do with my fitness room access card?
Your access card should be returned and you will receive a refund of $2.50.

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