Updated:  Sunday, March 19, 2023 

We are not accepting new members at this time.  Staff who are eligible for membership may email the undersigned and have their name added to the wait list. When we return to normal operation everyone on the wail list will be contacted regarding membership. 

To access the gym members are required to write their name on a scheduling sheet which is posted outside the gym door. The scheduling sheets are for a 24 hour period giving members the opportunity to reserve equipment at a time convenient for them. Equipment available to members are Treadmills 2 and 3,  the Rower, the Arc Trainer, the Hoist, the Universal and Free Weights with Incline Bench. Equipment marked with red tape may not be used.  The gym is limited to six people at any given time.   The information posted on the gym door is a list of guidelines to follow while in the gym.  Members are required to bring their own water. Members are requested to only enter the gym for their scheduled session.

Diane Cumby



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